Comments and Feedback

Comments and feedback from our communities

We asked our patients, members and volunteers for thoughts on what we can do better or more consistently. The themes are captured below:

1. Shorter waiting times.

You want us to offer prompt appointments and a diagnosis as quickly as possible. Continue to provide the best care and to provide access to consultants and treatments without delay.

2. Better communication

Better communication from us that supports continuity of care inside and outside of the Trust in a timely way. This includes informing both our partners and patients of appointments, decisions and treatment summaries. It also includes improving our verbal communication in a way that is sensitive and inclusive to individuals.

3. Joined up care

We’ve been asked to reduce inconvenience (e.g. duplication, unnecessary appointments or tests) in any form. People tell us they know resources are scarce and need to be used wisely as well as correctly by delivering care together. We’ve been asked to provide as much care as possible locally.

4. Personalised care

We need to pay attention to people’s individual needs such as wheelchair users, people with dementia, older adults, children and young people
and people with sight difficulties for example.

Our service delivery and the environment should take into account that we all have individual requirements of healthcare. Equity and equality should drive future service improvements and estate improvements.

Comments and feedback from our people

We asked our people for thoughts on what we can do better or more consistently.

The themes are captured below:

1. Career Development 

People our people want to be supported through clear career development and good quality, appropriate and accessible training and development. This should include personalised career chats and equitable access to development opportunities.

For teams to have the right skill mix to both lead their services well and be well led at all levels of the organisation. So that people feel that the Trust recognises them as our most important element of outstanding care that they are.

2. Improving patient pathways 

Patient pathways and transformation team members highlighted many good areas for improving pathways and transforming services including strengthening and developing our partnerships, reviewing discharge processes, better use of digital and new technologies and integration.

3. Better communication 

Communication staff members talked about communication in the light of the organisation needing a multifactorial approach to ensuring information is shared with the correct people, both internally and externally in a timely fashion and using varied delivery methods that reflect different needs and working practices.

4. Getting the basics right

Team members highlighted the importance of ensuring we are consistently doing the everyday things really well as well as looking to transforming our services. For the need for everyone to adhere to the CARE values of the organisation, that our team members feel valued and are given sufficient time to care and for services to be developed involving our communities and team members from the outset.