We want to improve lives by delivering consistently outstanding care to our patients, by supporting our compassionate people and by improving the health and wellbeing in the community we serve.

We commit to improving lives of our patients

• We will deliver consistently outstanding care at the right time and in the right place, ensuring we are a provider of choice for our patients, people and their family and friends.

• We will ensure our patients are partners in their personalised care decisions, through shared decision making, to improve health outcomes.

• We will provide healthy food choices and a healthy, safe, clean environment across our hospitals which will encourage and support our patients to make healthy choices.

• Embedding the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework will allow us to continue learning from when we don’t always get it right.

• Implementing and using an electronic patient record and other digital solutions will support seamless care, timely communication and a joined up approach for our patients.

• We will improve access to locally delivered services including diagnostics at a community diagnostic centre at Mansfield Community Hospital, and elective care services at Newark Hospital which will offer prompt appointments and a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

• We will deliver locally accessible services that contribute to reducing health inequalities across our local population, supporting our patients who are managing complex health needs and frailty.

• We will provide accessible services that meet the needs of our patients and support us in reducing our harmful emissions

We commit to improving lives of our people

• All our people will consistently demonstrate the CARE values, creating an inclusive and respectful culture where our people are treated with compassion and kindness.

• We will empower and support our people to be the best they can be, so they can deliver consistently outstanding care.

• Expanding our health and wellbeing offers to promote better work life balance for our people where they can flourish and reach their potential.

• We will provide opportunities for career development for our people to thrive at Sherwood Forest Hospitals to attract and retain the best people and become an employer of choice.

• Our people will strive to deliver continuous quality improvement, ensuring the care we deliver is safe, effective, and efficient, utilising digital and technology opportunities.


We commit to improving lives of our local population

• We will work collaboratively with local partners to deliver healthier communities through our role as an anchor organisation.

• Expanding our health prevention approach and working alongside our partners will make every contact count through better screening, and discussions that support living a healthy life.

• We will collaborate with primary care to tackle health’s biggest killers and support healthier choices and behaviours within our local population.

• Reducing our impact on the environment and re-affirming our commitment to achieving Net Zero will lead to improvements in the climate and long term health of our most deprived populations.

• We will ensure our buildings, estate and equipment are fit for purpose and sustainable, and where possible used collaboratively with partners.

• We will deliver on our statutory requirement to work in partnership, collaboration and integration as an Integrated Care System, sharing delivery of system wide strategic objectives that support improved health outcomes and improve system resilience and sustainability.

To achieve our commitments, our strategy and supporting strategies will come together through the Board and sub-committees to review strategic direction, delivery of strategic objectives and to address changes in directions as we navigate a complex external environment.
We will refresh this strategy annually.

In delivery of our commitments, we will:

• Be rated Outstanding by the CQC.

• Increase the percentage of our people who recommend Sherwood Forest Hospitals as a place to work.

• Increase the percentage of people who recommend Sherwood Forest Hospitals as a place to be cared for.

• Increase the percentage of our local population engaging in healthy choices and behaviours.

• Be recognised locally and nationally as a committed anchor organisation who works in partnership by default.